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30 November 2009

Penguin cartoon donation

Ed Mclachlan donates a cartoon to the British Antarctic Monument Trust
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"Come on, you lot, smarted yourselves up - tourist coming"Back in May I spotted a cartoon in Private Eye and tracked down cartoonist Ed McLachlan as I thought it captured the occasional dissoluteness that sweeps over base life.  Having wintered in Halley Bay we were never visited by a passing ship - tourist or otherwise.

I emailed Ed McLachlan to ask him if he might be willing to donate the picture to the British Antarctic Monument Fund. He called me a couple of days later to say that it had already been sold to Libby Purves  - in fact she had commented on its brilliance in one of her newspaper columns! Ed said he was very happy to support the Trust and would draw another and donate it. We are intending to auction the signed original at a suitable occasion. However we are happy to entertain bids by email in excess of £200 for the original  - mail A donation of several times the suggested bid price was accepted by the Trustees in June 2010.

The framed original will add distinction to anyone's wall. And there is the added distinction of sharing it with Libby Purves.

Rod Rhys Jones

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