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08 March 2011

Progress on the memorial

Plaque marked out and the carving begins.
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Posted by: Rod

The memorial plaque to be placed in the crypt of St Paul's Cathedral is now in the workshop of sculptor Fergus Wessel in Milton-under-Wychwood, Oxfordshire.  The 1100mm diameter disc was cut from a piece of slate excavated from the Berwyn Slate quarry in Llangollen in December and transported to a specialist stone cutting company Cerrig in Pwllheli where advanced water-jet techniques were used to cut out the profile of the Antarctic and other land masses.

When Graeme Wilson and Rod Rhys Jones visited Fergus on Monday 7 March he had marked out the lettering and the relief of Emperor penguins and work can now begin on carving the slate. 

Fergus with mark up


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