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09 December 2011

Visit to the Falkland Islands

Trust Chairman, Roderick Rhys Jones visited the Falkland Islands in November to hold discussions about a potential site for the southern part of the Antarctic Monument
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Posted by: Rod

The Chairman of the Trust, Roderick Rhys Jones, visited the Falkland Islands early in November to hold talks about possible sites for the Southern part of the Antarctic Monument.  He met the Governor Nigel Haywood who supports public sculpture as it enhances the streetscape. Other official meetings included  discussions with Executive Council member Hon Jan Cheek; Head of the Lands Planning and Building Committee Hon Sharon Halford; the Trustees and the Director of the Museum as well as Director of Public Works; Manfred Keenleyside and Environmental Planning Officer Antony Payne.

Rod was delighted to hear that the FI Development Corporation has included three possible sites for the monument in its plan for Stanley waterfront.  The sites are on Dockyard Point close to the site where the museum is to be re-housed; at the end of the proposed yacht marina; and to the East of the public jetty area close to the cemetery. Paul Trowel, Director of Tourism, commented that the Antarctic Monument fitted the island’s aspiration of becoming the “Gateway to the Antarctic” providing interchange facilities between air and sea for cruise ships sailing South.

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