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09 December 2011

Memorial to Tom Allen

Tom Allan’s niece Marion Hughes is carving a stone replica of the wooden plaque which Tom carved and placed in the bar at Stonington.
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Posted by: Rod

Tom Allan's niece Marion Hughes is carving a stone replica of the wooden plaque carved by Tom Allan in 1965 -6 and place in the bar at Stonington. The family are planning a dedication service in the Spring of 2012.

Tom died with John Noel in June 1966 of exposure whilst sitting out a storm in a snow hole.

The stone replica is to be placed in St Ronan’s Wells memorial garden at Interliethen, Peebleshire where Tom was brought up. Marion’s mother, Tom’s sister Dorothy McKie and her husband Ted are hoping to arrange a memorial service around 24 May 2012 and hope Tom’s friends will join them. Please contact Marion if you would like to attend the service.

Marion says that the man on the sledge, a FID or FIDDE, has an uncanny resemblance to a local image of the De'il which is burnt at the end of St Ronans Border annual games. She wonders if Tom styled the FID's features “on oor De'il.”  Tom, in his younger years, was a Dux Boy of St Ronan’s school and therefore would have enacted the role of St Ronan, a seventh century monk who reputedly came to the Leithen Valley and “cleiked the de’il” by the hind leg, thus driving out evil.

The original wood carving has not been seen for many years, so if anyone is aware of its location please contact Marion.

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