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09 December 2011

Memorial refurbishment at Halley

The memorial at Halley has been overhauled and repositioned
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Posted by: Rod

The memorial at Halley has been overhauled during this year's (2011) long winter night. The cairn of stone and concrete commemorates the death of Neville Mann who was lost on sea ice in August 1963; Jeremy Bailey, David Wild and John Wilson who lost their lives in a crevasse accident, October 1965; Miles Moseley who was killed in an aircraft accident, February 1980.
The memorial and its supporting steel and wood sledge had become battered by the severe weather since it was last rejuvenated in 1995. The sledge is moved from time to time so that it does not become covered with drifting snow, but this regime had contributed to the distortion of the sledge.

A group led by Winter Base Commander Ben Mapston supported by Brett Walton, vehicle mechanic and James Goby, vehicle operator, carried out the work. Taking advantage of a gap in the weather before mid-winter the memorial was moved into the workshop where it was removed from the sledge by overhead crane and the plaques and cross removed for cleaning, rubbing down and varnishing. Once the top board of the sledge was removed it became clear that the sledge needed a major refit. Work included welding new flanges, lugs and skis, painting and varnishing.
The cairn on the newly refurbished sledge near Halley.
It has been moved to the East of the main Laws building where, as Brett Walton writes, “It will serve as a reminder to us that we are in an unforgiving environment and that we will remember the lives lost.”

The full article can be found at zfids website by going to year 2011 and then to Brett Walton’s article.

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