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01 March 2012

Ambassador Felicity Aston crosses the Antarctic and supports the Trust

Trust Ambassador has raised over £2700 from supporters of her epic trip across Antarctica

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Posted by: Rod

Trust Ambassador, Feleicty Aston raised over £2501.00 (plus £180.25 Gift Aid) from supporters of her epic trip across Antarctica. The first woman in the World to walk unaided and alone the 1744 kms across the Antarctic from the Ross Ice Shelf to the Ronne Ice Shelf in the Wedell Sea by way of the South Pole. She completed the walk in  59 days starting in mid November.  

Felicity is also the first British woman to traverse Antarctica and she now holds the world record for the longest solo journey made by a woman in the polar regions.

You can support Felicity and the British Antarctic Monument Trust by donating to her appeal on her page Felicity-Aston at JustGiving.

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