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11 July 2013

Celebration at Alnwick

Fireworks concluded the Annual Reunion Dinner of the British Antarctic Survey Club at the Pavillon in Alnwick Garden, Alnwick on June 18. The Trust had much to celebrate.

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Posted by: JulianParen

At the BAS Club Annual General Meeting earlier in the day, the motion put forward by BAMT Trustee Tony Wincott for the Club to donate £500 to the Trust for foundations for the Southern Monument was carried unanimously.  At the end of the reunion dinner the result of the auction for the Mike Skidmore painting was announced.  The winning bid was £1250.  Both these additions to the BAMT funds for completing the Southern Monument gave the fireworks an even greater significance.  A celebration indeed!  Thank you BAS Club members for showing such support.

Fireworks at Alnwick

The BAS Annual Reunion was held in the Pavillion at the foot of the Grand Cascade. 

The fireworks were part of the evening festivities at Alnwick Castle following the wedding of a daughter of the Duke of Northumberland.

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