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06 November 2014

Foundations laid for Southern Monument

StanleyFoundations are laid for the southern part of the Antarctic Monument in Stanley, Falkland Islands
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Trust chairman, Rod Rhys Jones, visited the Falklands Islands in October to oversee the building of the foundation for the Southern part of the Antarctic Monument and to make arrangements for its dedication in February 2015.

The foundations

The Foundations for the Monument

The site of the monument was given planning permision at very end of Dockyard Point at the West End of the Stanley waterfront. Dockyard Point was created with in-fill some years ago to the West of a defunct concrete jetty which reaches out about 50 metres into Stanley Harbour.

The Falkand Islands Museum has recently moved into historic buildings at the base of the Point and was opened in September 2014. It has many relics of life in the Falkland Islands including its extensive maritime heritage as well as a substantial exhibition of Antarctic artifacts including the Reclus Hut which has been rebuilt within the museum.

The monument is sited at the apex of the Point and will be effectively surrounded by water that will be reflected by the mirror-finish stainless steel flame. The monument will be seen clearly from the road that stretches along the waterfront to the East and West.

The point was for many years a depot for the Department of Public Building and Works but the material and equipment have now been cleared. Although a number of historic boats and parts of ships are currently being stored there.

It was decided that the best way of creating a path to the Monument was to clean up the jetty and link it by a ramp to the stone surrounding the Monument.  The monument is to be lit at night.

The Foundations of the Monument

 The Jetty at Dockyard Point

The Falkland Islands Development Corporation has asked for proposals for the point by the end of November and the Trust is collaborating with the Museum to propose that the point should be used for historic and cultural purposes.

The dedication of the Monument will take place on 25 February 2015 when the Ushuaia will be in port with a complement of relatives of those that have died, Antarctic veterans and Trust supporters. The tour arranged by Antarpply Expeditions will then sail for South Georgia and the Antarctic Peninsula.


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