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10 September 2013

Plans approved for site of the Southern Monument

Prestigious Dockyard Point to the be the site for the Antarctic Monument
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The Falkland Islands Government Planning and Building Committee approved the Trust’s plans for siting of the Southern Monument in the capital, Stanley at its meeting on 5 September 2103. The Monument will be erected at Dockyard Point close to the proposed dockyard site of the relocated Falkland Islands Museum.  

The government is funding the move of the Stanley Museum to the historic dockyard, which will not only house the Museum but also be developed as a heritage site. This project is planned to take place within the next eighteen months.

Although the development of the Dockyard as a heritage centre has been agreed, it remains unclear whether the preferred option of the Falkland Islands Development Corporation will be the final scheme.  We show below the preferred option for the entire waterfront and also the plan for the Dockyard Heritage Centre at its western end, showing the location of the Southern Monument.


Proposed waterfront development at Stanley

 Dockyard, Stanley

Proposed development of the historic dockyard at the western end of the waterfront

According to the Falkland Islands Development Corporation, the transformation of the waterfront should:


  • provide Stanley with a vibrant urban centre
  • add value to Stanley’s tourist offering
  • provide a new and improved location for the Museum, including a broader opportunity for external exhibits
  • complement the rest of the town, reflecting its history and culture
  • create a warm welcome to disembarking tourists
It is an honour for the Southern Monument to be located at a focal point of this development.


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