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02 March 2015

South 2015 has a facebook page

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The British Antarctic Monument Trust and supporters are voyaging South to commemorate those who died in the pursuit of science. The cruise from South America arrived in the Falkland Islands for the unveiling of the Antarctic Monument. The daily activites are avaiable on the South 2015 Facebook page.

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Facebook page

The only pictures to emerge from the day of the unveiling are of an event hosted by the Governor in Government House.

Each day starts with a haiku and there are many pictures of life on board SS Ushwaia.

Day 3 - February 25, the day in Stanley starts with this haiku

Ripples and murmurs,
wind whipping water,
waves of anticipation.

Shimmer of crimson,
flash of bright metal,
gasps of appreciation.

Steel catches sunlight,
vanquishing shadows,
warming hearts frozen by loss.

Signposting the way,
honouring heroes,
a flame of affirmation.


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